"The more you listen, the more the horse will teach you."


Dwayne & Vaquero competed in the 2012 Extreme Supreme Mustang Makeover
Placing 5th Overall and taking 2nd place in Trail, 5th in Pattern work, and 

3rd place in finals.


Stars Freestyle Finals
7th Exhibitor on video -  Jump to 2:08 on Video
The journey with Vaquero started just over 3 months before the competition date...       
Photos of the first week of training.
Competitors selected the mustangs through an auction on RFD TV and then were given 100 days to work and train the wild mustang.  However due to disabling injuries to Dwayne early in the training, he was only able to spend a total of 29 days with Vaquero before competing at the
Extreme Supreme Mustang Makeover.
Dwayne and Vaquero on the third day of training.

Picking Vaquero up at Paul's Valley, Oklahoma - First day of Training and day one of conditioning.

Desensitizing and establishing trust with Vaquero.
Establishing a good foundation on a young horse sets the stage for all of their future accomplishments.  All of the young colts that have had this early yearling training and continued later in show competition have all had 
very successful and winning show records.  
These two young Arabian stallions, LR Just Magnificent & LR Marhquee, completed my 2 Week Yearling Training as youngsters and have gone on to win in their divisions.
Another young horse, Fire Dammage, completed the two week training as a two year old which set the stage to later become Reserve Champion in ATR Trail, as well as Top 5 in Open Trail at the 2016 AHA Regional 9 show. He had just turned 4 years old and only started trail training in February with his current trainer, Sterling Bradley.
(Photos of early training)

Dwayne Rhea


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